Are you looking for Legitimate, Trusted and Stable Paid To Click Sites In India?

Earlier I was also looking for the same thing. Usually, everyone who is working in PTC sites looks for a great PTC site where they can stick for the long term and make a regular income.

Every day new PTC sites are launching and only 5% to 10% sites remain in the market. Most of the sites not able to manage payout and get closed.

You will never come to know until and unless you will work on those new sites and get scammed. You’re all the hard work will have vanished.

But there is a solution of that.

There are a lot of forums and websites available where PTC experts share their reviews on PTC sites. They will consider some parameters based on that they will say that site is legitimate or not. Some parameter such as payment proof and age of PTC site.

I regularly used to follow those forums and sites to keep mys

Top 10 ptc

elf updated on the latest Paid To Click Sites In India.

Today I will be sharing some the Legitimate and Trusted PTC sites.

People who are already working in PTC sites from long time, they might know about these sites. But for beginners, this will be very helpful as they can start making extra cash straight away.

So I am recommending all the beginners or people who want to make money online or start working from home to join these PTC sites and start making extra cash.

These Elite PTC sites are shortlisted based on a certain parameter:

  • Age of the site
  • Low payout option
  • Unlimited direct referrals
  • Fewer complaints

Here is the list…



ClixSense is one of the oldest PTC sites. It is one of my favorites PTC site that’s why I mentioned Clixsense first. It is in existence since 2007 and successfully paying from 10 years. Clixsense will provide around 20 ads daily. Apart for pay to click, there are other options such as clixgrid and surveys to earn

Payout: Minimum payout is $8.

It has 8-tire affiliate program which will make it a unique site.

I also like Clixsense because of its premium membership plan price which is $17. Lesser than other PTC sites. I am already a premium member from a long time. A premium account will show you more ads and help to earn more from referrals.

Join ClixSense Now



Neobux is my second favorite PTC website. I like the design, look and Feel of the website. Working in Neobux is a great experience and fun. Neobux is innovative site which is in existence since 2008. Most of the PTC user loves Neobux. It has a lot of great features. Neobux will show nice statistic and projection which will help to test and make a proper decision I scale earning.

Payout: Neobux provides an instant payout of minimum $2.

A Neobux premium membership account is quite high of $90 as compared to other PTC sites. But there is an option to get a premium account without paying. You can convert your account to premium with 30000 points. First time I have used my points to get a premium account. Premium account is amazing and it will help to earn more.

Join Neobux Now




BuxP is into existence since 9 years and successfully paying to its user. It is also a revenue sharing site. BuxP will pay you for viewing ads, watching YouTube videos, surveys, and offers. You have to be careful while clicking ads in BuxP as some ads say to make my balance 0. This is for those who are blindly clicking all the ads without seeing.

Payout: BuxP provides payout of minimum $6.99

You can increase your earning by doing all the tasks provides. Getting more direct referral will increase earning. Even you can earn more than that if you upgrade your account to premium account.

Usually, most of the people think that BuxP is scam site due to its look.

But BuxP is a legitimate and stable legitimate.

Join BuxP Now




Scarlet-Clicks are into existence from last 8 years and successful paying to its user. It is a pay to click site where you have offered such as Scarletgrid, PTC wall, pay to sign up. You can also earn points for clicking your ads. You can also see detailed statistic of your referrals

Payout: Scarlet-Clicks provide minimum payout $2.

Earning is less at the beginning but if you get referrals then you can make good money. You can upgrade your account to premium account to increase referral earning.

Scarlet-Clicks are a legitimate and stable site.

Join Scarlet-clicks Now


GPT Planet


GPT Planet is into existence from last 6 years and successful paying to its user.  You will earn in GTP planet by viewing ads, gtpgrid, and ptcwall. GPT planet is almost similar to Scarlet-Clicks.

Payout: GPT Planet provides minimum payout $2.

Similar way earning will be less at beginning. You can scale earning by getting more direct referrals and upgrading your account to premium account.

Join gptplanet Now



Offernation is somewhat younger than other PTC sites. It is into existence from last 4 years. But offer nation is paying successfully to its user. I have done cash out from Offernation several times. Apart from pay to click Offernation nation has other options to earn such as surveys, videos offer walls and rewards. Offernation is part of GTP sites SUPERPLAY.ME, REWARDINGWAYS.COM.

Payout: Offernation provides minimum payout $1.

Offernation is the legitimate and stable site. I have already paid out several times.

Join Offernation Now




Wordlinx is oldest PTC site among above sites. Wordlnx is into existence from last 13 years and successfully paying. It different options to earn such as Pay to click, referral signs up, referral bonus, share links, Surveys, offers and much more. So you can earn more using different ways in Wordlinx. A lot of people are not aware of wordlinx.

Payout: Wordlinx provides minimum payout $10.

People think that Wordlinx is scan but it’s not true. Wordlinx is legitimate and stable PTC site.

Join wordlinx Now


Final words:

These are some of the Elite Paid To Click Sites In India. You can trust blindly in these sites. As a beginner join few of the sites and start clicking ads daily. Once you reach minimum payout amount. Just payout your earned money. You will get confidence and Trust that these sites are really paying. Further you can do other tasks to increase your earning. Once you get to know how PTC sites work you can go for referring others to get direct referrals.


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