Direct Referral Strategy: How to get 3000 direct referral for PTC site using Auto pilot

Earlier I shared a post related to 7 great and stable PTC sites.

I have been working in PTC sites from last 3-4 years.

Initially, I was not having direct referrals to grow my PTC business.

I tried a lot of options to get direct referrals but failed.

Most of the free options will not provide direct referrals.

Either you have to work a lot or you will get only a few referrals.

I was looking for something sure shot way to get direct referral.

One of my friends told that if you want a lot of direct referral then you have to go for paid advertising.

I explored and came across an advertising website Adhitz.

Adhitz is a website where we can advertise our referral links. Advertising in Adhitz is cheap and you will get targeted traffic.

Today I will be showing you exact step by step process to get thousands of direct referral from Adhitz.

For advertising PTC site link you have to find the place where only targeted traffic used to come.

You can advertise on Facebook and AdSense but you will get no or very less direct referral.

Adhitz has a lot of PTC targeted traffic and you will get a lot of direct referral.

As soon as I joined Adhitz I started getting direct referral daily and now I have 3000+ direct referral including all the multiple PTC sites.

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There is a difference in free and paid advertising of referral links.

If you want to see fast result then go for paid advertising.

People used to think that paid advertising will be costly.

But no, it’s not costly; it’s very cheap and under budget.

If you have the budget problem then you can use the money which you have earned in PTC site and advertise your PTC referral link.

Your money will return very fast with a lot of direct referral.

Adhitz is one of the best advertising websites where you can get a lot of direct referrals in very less amount of time.

You can create a Free Adhitz account.

How to get direct referral?

Follow the below steps:

1# Open your browser and enter

direct referral

2# Click on Register from left section.

direct referral

3# Enter all your details and click on Create Account.

direct referral

4# Login to your email account and confirm your registration.

You have successfully created your Adhitz account. Now you have to advertise your referral link in Adhitz.

5# Login to your Adhitz account and click on Advertise link and then click on Browse Websites.

You will see a list of websites. In all these websites you can advertise your PTC referral link.

You have to find out websites which are related to Pay to click websites or earn money online. Check for the website stats provided like Alexa rank, average page view per day and average daily visitors per day. 

I have a list of some of the websites where you can advertise:

Advertise in one of this website or find out any better website where you can advertise your referral link.

How to Advertise PTC referral link?

1# Click on selected PTC site which you have selected for advertising.

direct referral

2# Click on Radio button and click on buy now option.

direct referral

3# Enter your referral link details such as referral link URL and website. Now upload referral image. Make sure image size should be 468×60((You can download referral image from your PTC website). Then click on upload button. Then click on Next Step.

direct referral

4# Enter a number of clicks you want and click on Add to basket. It depends based on your budget. But initially start with less amount around $20 to test.

direct referral

5# Check radio button I have read and agree to Adhitz User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Then, 

Choose payment option and complete payment process.

direct referral

6# click on my site specific Ads. Here you will see that your site is on review and it will take around 1 day.  Once your review is completed you can see all your ads on this page.

direct referral


Now your auto pilot is ready. You will start getting direct referrals on daily basis. You can buy 2-3 banner ads and 1-2 banner ads. Daily you will be getting around 100 direct referrals.

These direct referrals will be active as they are coming directly from PTC referral websites. They are willing to join PTC sites to make money. So no need to worry about them they will be active.

There are other sites as well where you can advertise your referral link and get a lot of direct referrals.

Final words:

Getting direct referral for your PTC sites is difficult but there are lot of ways to get it. There are Free options and Paid option. Free option will take time and in Paid option you will get fast direct referrals. If you want to make money fast in PTC site then paid advertising is best option. You have to invest some money but you will get back as you will start making money through direct referrals.

Are you already using paid traffic for getting direct referral? Which website you are using? Share your experience with all of us?

Direct Referral Strategy: How to get 3000 direct referral for PTC site using Auto pilot