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If you are reading this then you already know what is PTC? You might also know how to make money with ptc sites. But now you want to make it big. You are interested to setup a PTC money stream to generate passive income. This is quite difficult and will take time, but it’s not impossible.

Money making is not easy task it requires lot of hard work as well as smart work.

There are so many people out there who are earning nicely using PTC. They have created a money pipeline over a period of time. And now they are earning monthly $10000 to $20000 without doing anything. Of course they are clicking their ads daily but it will take hardly 10 min.

So what is the strategy they are using to generate such kind of income monthly? We should learn the real way of passive income stream using PTC from those experts.

Read carefully these 3 points and stay focused.

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Stay in Race

One thing common in all the successful PTC earners is consistency. They will never quit and the stick with PTC sites for years. If you don’t quit then you will not fail.

What I have seen is that 70% of PTC users quit within 10-20 days, 15% quit in next 1-2 months. Only remaining 5% will be in race.

From the remaining 5% PTC users 70% really don’t know that how to grow network and earn more. So what they can do is that they can learn from the PTC experts who have already done it.

The first and basic thing to get success is to stay in race, earning comes later. If you are in race and keep running that means you have not yet lost the race.

SO the first most and the important task is to click your ads daily. By this you can earn from referral commission. So if you don’t your ads you will not going to earn from your referral clicked ads.

 Direct referral Stream

Clicking daily your ads will not make you rich you will just earn couple of dollars over a period of time. You have to create a strong network of direct referral stream.

Direct referrals will work for you and you will earn commission from them. If you have few direct referrals then earning will be less but imagine if you are having 500+ or 1000+ direct referrals and all are working daily then you can earn huge amount of money. You don’t have to work anymore the only thing you have to do is to click your ads daily.

But practically it is not possible. As I told earlier only 5% of the referrals actually stay. So your job is to find those 5% users as many as possible to make a big network.

Tell your friends about this PTC sites and tell them that “I am giving you an opportunity to earn money but you have to follow one condition. He will ask what? You tell them that “Just stay in race”. Explain they how you all can get success by working daily. Tell them to convey the same to their friends.

Create your own blog and explain your experience about PTC and tell them to start working with you and build a strong network.

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 Money pulls money

After doing all the above setup you need to work on growing network and referrals. Experts and big earners have applied business techniques to make a passive income stream.

As all business requires investment, PTC earning is also one kind of business for us. Money pulls money, and in big businesses they used to invest large amount of money to setup an income stream.

In PTC you have to first become a premium or Golden member. Whatever you call based on PTC site. Then invest some money according to your convenience any buy rented referrals. Manage them by recycling and extending them for maximum days.

Keep on buying till you reach maximum limit. Now, your job is to just manage them by recycling and extending.

You can see now from all the above streams you will start seeing increase in earning daily. If you do it properly you can reach up to $1000-$2000 daily earning.

To get more details on how to manage referrals you can explore PTC forums and you will get great tips from experts who have already done it. You can read their experience and

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Just follow above 3 steps. Stay in race, make a direct referral stream and invest money. You also you can read experts experience and tactics which they have applied to get success in different PTC forums. Just follow them and get success instead of wondering what to do.

Share your experience in PTC till date and help everyone to grow together. Provide your comment below.

3 Ultimate ways to make money with PTC sites without investment in 2017